A group of Passionate User Experience designers that fell ass-first into CRO.

Oddit was founded by 4 partners with the shared goal to simplify the digital experience, so customers can get to their end goal faster (making you more money).

We’ve launched, grown, and exited 3 traditional agencies – and we’re never launching another.

Our goal at Oddit is to offer the same quality and detail as agencies, without doing (or charging for) any of the bullshit. Less calls, less meetings, less opinions. You pay for design, not zoom calls.

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Happy Team, Happy Client.

We’ve been working together for nearly 15 years and still don’t hate each other. We’re happy at work, and our output shows it.

Trust Us, It’s Easier.

We don’t tell you how to make your product, and we don’t let you tell us how to make your website higher converting.

Proof is in the puddin’

Facts You Didn’t Ask For


Brands Served Worldwide


In-House & Independent


Average Satisfaction Rating

Nice folk

Globally-based, Proudly Canadian

Avg. Engagement Length

26 Days

New Clients Via Word of Mouth


Avg. # of Meetings per Client


Why we care about this stuff

Our Manifesto

We've lost the joy of making careful choices.

‍Our time is scarce. Precious. We crave value without the hassle, simplicity without the fluff.
It's easy for brands to prioritize "growth at all costs," opting for a "one-size-fits-all" templated experience, prioritizing speed over quality. The real mistake is assuming users aren't discerning enough to notice.

Over time, these messy, unconsidered details weave themselves into every web page, every purchase flow, and into the DNA of your entire customer journey.

Leading to decreased sales, rising acquisition costs, and a less-than-ideal first impression that might be your only impression.

It's the delightful, brand-led details that drive sustainable performance, win immediate brand trust, and separate you from the pack of mediocrity.

At Oddit, we give you a fresh perspective to help you keep growing without letting the messy details pile up.

Oddit Specialties

Conversion-Focused Design

Optimized Messaging

Industry-Tested UX

Design & Brand

Credible, Quality Design that hooks users & wins immediate brand trust.

Brand Alignment


Creative Direction

Digital Aesthetic Tune-up

Interface Design

Art Direction

Brand Strategy

User Experience

Friction-free UX & Intuitive Hierarchy to help users browse confidently.

Site Architecture

Navigation Hierarchy

Cart Experience

On-Site Journey


Page Flow Optimization

Ground-Up Shopify Builds

Product Strategy

Clear, No-fluff Strategy to help users make a purchase decision faster.

Product Positioning

Competitor Reviews

Strategic Roadmapping

Simplifying Value Props

Stakeholder Workshops

Pre & Post Purchase UX

In-Depth Analysis

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How we think about conversion

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Gut Drives Action

Data doesn’t tell you everything. A first impression is formed in under 1 second. How are you using that 1 second today?

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Move Faster

The internet today is a dopamine driven rat race. Users standards are rising and competition is fierce.

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Fresh Perspective

It happens to all of us. The more you know about a product, the harder it is to see through fresh eyes.

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Break the Status-Quo

Growth isn’t a silver bullet. You have to diversify, iterate, and experiment to keep up with changing expectations.

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